Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Good Cop Shows



Now that Bates Motel is on hiatus, I have time to watch two other shows.


Glades is a police drama series. Created by Clifton Campbell and staring Matt Passmore as Det. Jim Longworth, this show is very good. The plots are well written and have something for everyone; romance, crime and humor.
Det. Longworth left Chicago after being wrongly accused of sleeping with his captain. He moved to the fictional Palm Glade, Florida where he hopes to work at a more relaxed rate; wrong and he’s surprised at the high crime rate in southeastern Florida.

Matt Passmore is a cutie pie and he’s perfect for the role. He makes you care about his character and the other characters on the show.
Kiele Sanchez plays Callie Cargill, a single mother and Longworth’s love interest.
Carlos Gomez plays Dr. Carlos Sanchez, a forensic pathologist and Longworth’s suffering friend. Longworth drags this poor man into all kinds of situations.
Jordan Wall is Daniel Green, who works with Dr. Sanchez

Michelle Hurd is Colleen Manus- the boss who tolerates Longworth because he’s good at solving cases, but he drives her crazy too.
Uriah Shelton plays Jeff Cargill, Callie’s son.

My sister Lucy has been telling me to watch Longmire all year, but I never had time; my bad! This is another well written cop show which takes place in the fictional town of Absaroka County Wyoming.

The show is based on the Walt Longmire Mystery Novels by Craig Johnson and features Robert Taylor in the lead part.

The supporting actors are Katee Sackhoff who plays Deputy Vic (Victoria) a former Philadelphia homicide detective.

Lou Diamond Phillips who plays Henry Standing Bear, Cheyenne owner of the Red Pony Café and bar. He’s Longmire’s friend and advisor.

Cassidy Freeman plays Longmire’s daughter Cady. She works for a local law firm and is intimate with Branch.

Bailey Chase plays Branch Connally, the son of a very powerful and wealthy man. Branch is running for Sheriff, which puts fiction between him and Longmire.

Adam Bartley plays “The Ferg” hired because his father is friends with Longmire.

I’m sorry I took so long to watch this show, because it’s a good cop and western show.

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