Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kids! What's the Matter with Kids Today?


Yes, the song is from Bye Bye Birdie and it’s as true today as it was when the musical came out in 1963.

Every time that I stop by my daughter’s house there’s never a dull moment. Today, I walked in as my daughter was asking the oldest of the desperadoes if he was taking her to the Mother and Son dance as part of his senior year graduation.
                                                                   “I don’t dance,” was his reply.

                                                  “So, we’ll just go and hang out,” was hers.

                                                                 “Nope!” he replied.

This went on back and forth for at least thirty minutes. Jimmy has given my daughter angst since he locked her out of the house when he was only two years old. Oh yeah, let me tell you about that. His brother Josh was only a few weeks old, and it was summer. Jimmy wanted the air conditioner on and he wanted to watch cartoon central (or something like it). ReRe wanted to do arts and crafts while infant Josh took a nap. She went out onto the porch to get the mail. What did Jimmy do?
He locked the door; put on the air conditioner; put on the T.V. and made himself lunch. We’re talking only two years old.

The only reason my daughter was able to get into the house was because I had called from work and asked Jimmy to put Mommy on the phone. I wanted to take him to the park. When ReRe got on the phone and told me what he had done; I knew then that she was in for a ride of a life time. Believe me, Jimmy has perfected the art of driving his parents crazy, and I’ve had to talk his parents out of sending him to Military School many, many, times.

After thirty minutes of this back and forth, blah, blah, blah, I did what any grandmother would do; I reasoned with him, cajoled him and then finally threatened him. I would post baby pictures of him on my blog.
                                        Jimmy is taking his mother to the dance! Amen.

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