Thursday, May 9, 2013

Gibbs, Grimm and Haunted Collector


                                                Just in time for my weekly catch up!
On NCIS, A Petty Officer is insisting that he’s being followed. Is he crazy or is he part of a government funded study? Plus, someone from the Department of Defense is asking a lot of questions about Bodnar’s death. The snake in the grass had our team frazzled and mislead them into thinking he was after Ziva, but he’s really after Gibbs. Watch the show “On Demand”.

Nick came in contact with a muse whose hobby is seducing artistically inclined men. She makes these men crazy in love with her and then encourages them into killing a rival before she moves on to the next victim. Unfortunately for Nick, the muse has captivated his mind and heart at the same time our Juliette has regained her memories of Nick and her being in love, and their living together. Will Hank, Monroe and Rosalie be able to help our star-crossed-lovers?
Haunter Collector

This show was spooky and I mean “big time” On the Episode titled Hollywood Haunting/Gold Rush Ghost, the spirits are extra busy scary the bejeebers out of our team. On the second part of this episode, you can see the sheets on the bed rise up and fall as the ghost climbs into bed.

See you next week and make sure to watch Defiance on Syfy. This show rocks!!!


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