Friday, July 20, 2012

Part Twenty-five of Lilith's Escape.

“Are we talking about the biblical Lazarus?” Edward asked. Each new revelation from Lilith became more shocking than the previous one.

“Yes,” she replied and walked out of the room.

“Where are we going?” he asked, catching up with her before she started down the stairway.

“I need to feed.”
“Well why didn’t you eat when you brought the food for me?” Edward noticed that she had become pale since his bath.

“You’ll understand soon enough,” she replied and took his hand.
He followed her to the garage which sat about forty feet behind the castle. He expected to be riding in a car, but instead she picked the motorcycle.
“Does this bike have any special features that I should know about?”

She ignored his question and after handing him a helmet, she placed her sunglasses over her eyes. He watched as she twisted her long hair into a tight bun to keep it from blowing wildly in the wind and then she took off with him holding tightly to her waist. They sped down the steep road leading away from the castle and towards the town below, his thoughts were on getting back to London as soon as possible. He had no desire to deal with another biblical entity.
“We’re here,” she said as she parked the bike in front of a building. He climbed off the bike and followed her into the  tavern.

She pulled the pin from her hair, allowing it to fall freely down to her waist. All eyes turned towards her direction and Edward took notice of the way the men stared at her with hungry gazes that hinted at their inner thoughts. Her leather pants and jacket seemed to hug every curve and more. He put his hand on the small of her back and walked her over to the nearest booth.
“What would you like to eat?” he asked Lilith after the waitress had brought two steins over to their table.
“Him,” she replied.
Edward followed her quick tilt of the head to the man, who was obviously very drunk and stumbling towards the exit of the tavern. As the man passed their table, he stopped and looked at Lilith before rushing out the door.
“Are you going to kill him?” Edward asked after the frightened  man left the tavern.

“Yes," she replied in a soft tone and then lifted the stein to her lips as the waitress walked over with a menu.

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