Monday, July 30, 2012

Spiders, Bears and Moose, Oh My, at the Writer's Retreat


This past Thursday, I had the pleasure of going on a retreat with five fabulous fellow writers. Our team leader, Amy shared her family’s home in Vermont with us so that we could have a secluded spot to work on the upcoming anthology which is planned to be released in the winter, but also to work on our own projects.

My husband looked up the address on Google Earth. “I don’t think you’ll have any distractions,” he said.
I stopped packing to look at the picture. “Where is everything? I asked. There were lots of trees, a road here and there, but on Google, we appeared to be very far from any type of civilization.

                      “Do you think there might be bears up there?” I asked.
                       “You might see a bear, maybe a moose, why?”

“Oh nothing,” I replied. I have a civil war sword that I had bought in Gettysburg. Maybe I should take some protection.

I told my husband my plans, but after laughing his head off, he said, “You can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. You’ll wind up killing yourself.”

The day of the trip, I was packed and ready for the ride up to Vermont. We didn’t get to the house until late and were greeted by very large spiders.
Who were wondering why we were there and they didn’t look much too friendly either.
Here you see the group having breakfast in town at the Cup and Saucer. Yes there was a town; it just didn’t show up on Google Earth.
                                                   The food and coffee were great.
                                        Here we are working hard at our stories.
More spiders, big spiders and I swear one had on a tee-shirt that said, “Make my Day.”

       This photo does no justice to how big they were. To me, they looked more like this photo.
                                       Here we are having a fun dinner.
                                                             We know how to party!
It rained most of the time we were there, but every once in a while we had a break in the downpour and went for a walk.
                                        I want a house like this one day.
I never did get to see any bears and strangely felt disappointed, go figure?
                                                        No moose either,
                                                but I did get to see a steer.

                          It was a good time for all and I’m looking forward to doing this again.

                                                         Packing up to leave.                                  


  1. So great to see you all having a great time. I'm sure this was a very productive weekend. I really hope to go on one someday soon.

    1. I hope you can come next time the area is beautiful and we all had a good, productive weekend

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