Thursday, July 26, 2012

Part Twenty-six of Lilith's Escape

“Why?” Edward asked after the waitress walked away.

“He is a very bad man,” she replied, her fingers tapping at the corner of the menu. “What do you want to eat?
“I seem to have lost my appetite,” Edward said and placed his menu on the table.

She let out a sigh. “He hurts little boys, kills them. Don’t waste any pity on this man. His death will nourish me and protect the innocent.”
Edward didn’t answer, but not because of what she had just revealed. How could he judge her when he also killed to protect the innocent?
She slid over in the booth, sitting as close as possible. “Ask me your questions,” she said and placed her hand on his.

“Why did you kill Lazarus? Wasn’t he a good man?”

“I was tricked into believing that Lazarus would interfere with events that were meant to happen. He was my friend and I was fooled into poisoning him.
There was no way I could correct this horrible error, but luckily this problem was solved by the only one who could.”
“You weren’t punished for your mistake? We’re talking about religious events that changed the world forever.”

“Heaven and Hell have their own game plan and it's not about religion,” she replied.
“What will happen to Lazarus when we find him?”

“I bring him peace.”
“You mean to kill him then?”

“First we must save him from the people who hold him captive.” She leaned in and kissed him on his cheek, adding, “Dearest Edward, there are many ways to bring peace to a man.”

Edward wanted to take off her sunglasses, look into her eyes and see if she was telling him the truth. “And what about me, what happens after we save Lazarus?”

“You must choose.”
“I want to be with you, but you scare me more than death itself.” Edward stood up and walked towards the door. He had to get away, think things through, without the temptation of her body so close to him.

Once outside and in the cool night air of the little town, he began to walk, not knowing where he was going. He had only walked a short way, when the man caught up to him.

Edward found himself staring into the muzzle of a German luger.

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