Saturday, July 21, 2012

Thank you for being a Friend


I’m a people person and sometimes get in trouble for this. My daughter and grandchildren have often admonished me for being too friendly?
Can you be too friendly?
 I can’t help it, it’s wired into me. I come from a long line of social butterflies.
For starters, my parents owned a grocery store in South Philadelphia. As soon as I turned eight years old, I helped behind the counter working side by side with my parents.
It didn’t matter that I was a shy child; you had no choice but to interact with the customers.
 Working with the public helped me to become a good judge of character
 and learn early on what type of person I was dealing with and because we were a family corner store, our customers felt comfortable with sharing their personal stories with us: the good,
the bad
 and the holy crap you’ve got to be kidding stories.
 The people skills I had learned as a child, later helped with every adult job I ever had.  Now that I’m writing,
 I depend on the people from Facebook
 and Twitter for moral support.
 I have friended many interesting and nice people who share the same dreams and hopes that I have. I love it, but there is one small problem….making sure that I keep in touch with everyone…so here goes…
Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for your encouragement and thank you for sharing your hopes and dreams. I will try to click like and share whenever I can and I promise to tweet all your shout-outs and thoughts.

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