Friday, July 6, 2012

Part Twenty-three of Lilith's Escape

He stretched out his arm to touch her, but was greeted with only empty space. Edward opened his eyes wondering if the events of the night before had been a bad dream. He was alone in a large bed and it wasn’t his. Where was she? He climbed out of bed and stretched. The room was no longer cold and he noticed, as he headed towards the balcony, that someone had started a fire in the fireplace. Enjoying the crisp cool air, Edward looked down into the valley. The town of Oberammergau was a beautiful site to behold.
It wasn’t until he reentered the bedroom that he noticed the bedside table, which wasn’t there the night before.
The tea pot was hot to the touch and the fruit, cheese and bread triggered the hunger that he had pushed to the back of his mind. He poured the tea and drank it down, his favorite mix. How did she know? Sitting on the bed he poured another cup and then began to eat what she had chosen for him.

“I’m not a pet to keep caged. Where are you Lilith?” he said aloud. Apparently, she had healed enough to provide provisions.

He began to search behind the drapes, looking once more for a means to escape. This time he found a door. It led to another larger room and from this room he could see the stairway. Standing at the top of the stone steps, he wondered what other mysteries were to be found in this castle.
 He made his way down the steps, cautious, prepared for any new attacks. This landing held several rooms, but he made his way towards the only opened door. He entered to find a massive and elegantly tiled bathroom. On a small settee, which was covered in red velvet, lay clothing folded neatly in a pile.
“Lilith?” he called out. “Lilith, you can’t keep me here.” He received no reply and became angered by his situation. Letting out a long sigh, Edward picked up the shirt, which was on the top of the pile and smiled.
It was the style shirt he always wore and so where the pants. Next to the underwear was a small bag and inside this, he found the toiletries needed to refresh himself. The large claw foot tub positioned in front of a window, gave Edward a view of the mountains and it was breathtaking.
Placing his fingers into the sudsy water, Edward was pleasntly surprised to find that the water was still warm to the touch. Was she nearby?
His body ached from the accident and the struggle with the creature of the night before so Edward stripped and climbed into soothing bubble bath. After washing himself clean with the large sponge, he laid his head back and closed his eyes.

He didn’t know for sure, how long he had been asleep in the tub, but her kiss made him forget how cold the bath water had become.
“I’ll tell you what you need to know,” she said after she peeled her lips from his, but talking was the last think on Edward’s mind.


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    1. I hope that you're enjoying the story. It will have more action coming up.