Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Game of Thrones and a Flash of Fangs


After the Red Wedding episode of last week, I had no idea how this season of Game of Thrones was going to end; for me it ended well. The Lannisters think that all the Starks are dead except for Sansa; they’re in for a surprise.

Spoiler Alert:

If you don’t want to know what happened on the season finale, then you might want to skip this post altogether.

The Night Watch

To start with, Jon Snow found out the hard way that you don’t piss off a woman who’s capable of killing you. Ygritte (Rose Leslie) pulled a Daryl (The Walking Dead) on Jon Snow before he was able to escape. But even full of arrows, Jon made it back to the Night Watch.
Samwell Tarly (John Bradley-West and Gilly (Hannah Murray) also made it safely back to the Night Watch after speaking with Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead-Wright) but Samwell was unable to discourage Bran from heading into danger.
 Samwell tells the Night Watch about the white walkers and how he killed one of them.
Tywin Lannister (Charles Dance) is a very proud of himself. He orchestrated the Red Wedding with Walder Frey (David Bradley).  He orders Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) to get Sansa (Sophia Turner) with child. Tyrion might want to take pointers from Jon on why it’s dangerous to piss off the women in that show; Shae (Sibel Kekilli) won’t be easy to get rid of.
Jaime Lannister and Brienne (Gwendoline Christie) finally arrive safely at Red Keep. When Jaime goes to Cersei (Lena Headly), she is turned off by his stump.
Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen) is at the mercy of a creep! I don’t care what he did wrong; no one deserves to be tortured. Theon’s manhood is cut off and sent to his family. Big sister Yara (Gemma Whelan) is pissed off and is heading out to rescue little brother; paybacks are murder!
Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) is my favorite character in the show. How could you not like her? She kills the bad guys and frees the slaves. Last night, she gave the slaves of the village a choice. Would they fight for her? Hell, yes! They lifted her into their arms and called her Mhysa (Mother).
I was happy with the ending of season three and can’t wait until season four.

                                                 Now about those fangs!
Sunday night is the premier of True Blood. Yes, I’ll be in my glory and watching that tall handsome Vampire, Eric on HBO at 9 p.m. Last we heard, Bill is on a blood warpath and Sookie and Eric have to flee for their lives.

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