Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sisters: Part 3


My sister is visiting us from Napa California. Yep! The wine country; where everyone is happy. It must be the good wine.


            Don't we look happy? We were feeling no pain that day on the Wine Tour


                                                             Little sister, Lucy


                      Brother Mike and his wife Joann, with Lucy and I on the Wine Train.

        Anyway, Jane wanted to know what we do at a book signing, so I took her to one.

She traveled with Dawn and I to Mullica Hill, N.J. to the Crescent Moon Coffee shop. Great place, great coffee and great food. We were joined by members of the South Jersey Writers Group


              From left to right: Amy, Christine, Dawn, Marie, Patti, Nanci, Barb

Jane fit right in with the group of authors who are featured in Tall Tales and Short Stories from South Jersey.

                                    Jane even helped us sell books. Hooray for Jane!!

This month, I'll be taking her to a Steampunk Event at Dorian's Parlor and later in the month to a ghost hunting investigation.

Stay Tuned for more stories about "The Sisters"