Saturday, June 15, 2013

June Babies



There are two months of the year that I need to work three jobs; December and June. I come from a large family and everyone decided to be born on either the first two weeks before Christmas or in June. I wanted to say a special Happy Birthday to my nephews John and Tom, identical twins.

I could never tell them apart when they were infants and if my sister needed me to babysit, she would have to paint one of their toenails a different color. I was always placing them in the wrong crib or calling them by the wrong name. They call me the Warden. No…it’s not what you think, I’m not a meanie but when they drove their parents crazy, I would threaten them with special projects like pulling weeds from my garden or watching a foreign film with sub-titles. These guys are the best and I love them dearly.
Now some Happy Birthday wishes to the other June Babies. My grandsons Jimmy, Josh and Nathan celebrate their birthdays on the 6th 14th and 18th. My oldest grandson not only turns nineteen, but he’s graduating High School and is going into the Marines, Ooh rah!  He’s been doing his research and knows what he wants to do. He passed his physical and is waiting to get sworn in. He was born for this.
                                         Happy Birthday to the Desperados! Love you lots.

If you’re wondering how many in my immediate family celebrate their birthdays in December, the
answer is ten. Don’t ask about Christmas.

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