Saturday, June 1, 2013

Land of the Dead


Okay, most of you know that I have a hard time falling asleep. Sometimes, this causes me to walk around like the zombies I write about. Sometimes, I get to watch some pretty amazing movies. The other night I watched Land of the Dead,

 the fourth of the six movies made about the living dead by the amazingly talented writer and director, Mr. George A Romero.


As far as I’m concerned, George Romero is the granddaddy of zombies and whenever I’m able to watch one of his zombie movies, I’ll watch it even if I should be sleeping; life is short.

The movie stars Simon Baker as Riley Denbo, the designer and commander of a heavy armored, zombie killing, firework displaying, missile launcher vehicle called Dead Reckoning.

             This is the type of vehicle Rick and his team need in “The Walking Dead”.

It’s now three years after the zombie apocalypse and the action takes place in Pittsburgh where the rich are very rich and the poor are worse off than the residents of India’s slums. Paul Kaufman (Dennis Hopper) is in charge of the luxurious high rise known as Fiddler’s Green. The wealthy have the army and electrified fence to keep the riffraff and zombies out.

Riley Denbo and his staff which includes Charlie (Robert Joy) a disfigured sharpshooter and Cholo De Moro (John Leguizamo) use the Dead Reckoning to scavenge for food, medicine and whatever can be sold on the black market. Sometimes, they run into zombies and then need to use the fireworks to keep the zombies distracted. But, Riley notices that zombies are getting smarter. One zombie in particular catches his attention, Big Daddy (Eugene Clark).
Big Daddy

Big Daddy is a zombie and he's angry! His zombie friends are being shot down by Cholo De Moro and his gang. What does he do? Big Daddy goes after the humans. Apparently, the zombies are evolving; getting smarter. He leads a large horde towards Fiddler’s Green. Nothing can stop them, not even the river that separates the town from the zombies.

There’s enough blood, gore and splattered brains to satisfy all zombie lovers, but Land of the Dead goes one step further and offers us a different perception of the apocalypse; the zombie’s point of view.

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