Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Can You See Me?


It’s another post from your favorite little Psychic Granny, but you’re not going to like this if you are one of the offenders. I am all for the popularity of Social Media and the freedom of the Internet because as long as the Internet stays free, governments won’t be able to bullshit or totally control us. But, I’ve noticed something troubling these past few years and it has me worried. I have to admit that I am also at fault, but since I’m older than the dinosaurs, I’ve not totally succumbed to this particular insidious form of mind control.
No, I’m not talking television, although my parents worried about that new contraption’s effect on their little cherubs back in the day when the TV screen was no bigger than twelve inches and we only had three stations to watch.
The cell phone has brought the world closer by making us available to family and friends at all times of the day and night. A good thing if there is a family emergency or, some nut job decides to bring a gun into a school, but the downside is a loss of attention and manners. This is serious stuff, especially when I observe mothers ignoring their children because they are too busy texting. What message does that send to the child? I’ve seen this for myself while visiting museums, parks and outdoor events. What could possibly be so important on Facebook that your child has to make Herculean attempts to get your attention?

Recently, while shopping at a nearby mall, I actually observed a toddler walking away from his mother because she was too busy texting. I had to coax the wee little one to walk back to his mother. Was Mom grateful? No! The dumb ass only glanced up from her smart phone long enough to give me a cocky look and a fish mouth when I explained that her baby almost went head first down the escalator. As I walked away, mumbling every curse word beginning with the letter, “F”, she went back to texting.
It’s upsetting to see couples texting and not chatting with each other when they’re at a restaurant. How bad is their sex life, if the phone is more desirable than their mate? I am sorry to say that I’ve been known to also commit this un-mannerly practice, but I am making a conscious effort to stop.

What I’ve noticed, and I’m sure there have been plenty of studies on the topic, is that there is a certain disconnect from reality; a blank look in the eyes of the person texting. If you begin a conversation with someone who is busy texting, they may look up and, they may look you in the eye, but there is nothing there. They are looking at you, but they’re not seeing you. You have just witnessed “BLANK-MIND-SYNDROME”.
How has the Smart Phone changed the structure of speech or community? “Wha r u doi?” is the new way to text, “What are you doing?” We’ve become too lazy to communicate correctly. Teachers are competing with the cell phone to get their students to pay attention during class because students and many adults feel the need to be attached to their phone 24/7. There is less face to face interaction and the stress level is ridiculously high because people feel pressured to immediately reply to a text...even when it places them in driving.

Constant texting can lead to increased heart-rate and muscle tension and, because some people can’t part with their phone for even a short time, they tend to suffer from a constant state of arousal, which will eventually lead to depression due to burnout.
I often find myself worrying that no one will notice the demise of our country by greedy corporations and politicians because they are too freaking busy texting their BFF. Can it happen?

Will our children grow up unable to interact with a living person because they can only feel comfortable communicating by texting? Put down the phone and find out.


  1. Great Post! That's why we have our
    no phone zones in our house!

    1. It's a problem that needs to be tended to right now. Thank you for your support, Joanne

  2. Good job! I'm showing this off - you're right on target!