Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Sound of Silence


The time of silence has come to an end. People are waking up. We were dreaming that life was good, but it was only a dream. We have been programed to believe that we do not have a voice. We do. The world belongs to all of us and because it does, none of us have claim to it.

We are told to hate others because of their color, their religion, their sex, their origins and we listen. Who tells us to do this? It is the powerful that have everything to reap from our misery. They divide us and confuse us. We have belittled and dehumanized our indigenous peoples, and why is that? Is it because these people know how to protect and work with Mother Earth without raping her and draining her of the ability to give us sustenance? I think so.
We have left the farms to work in cities and that was okay, but then mighty corporations and banks began to buy out the little farms, cementing over them to build mansions that would later be repossessed. Corporations have taken over the farming and, the food they serve to us only makes us ill. When we complain, they tell us to be silent. They threaten to hide the ingredients.

We are told to be quiet when we see our young men and women sent out to fight a war for greedy old men. We are told to be quiet when our education is circling the drain. We are told to be quiet when our senior citizens who have worked their whole lives are placed in danger of losing the measly social security that they paid into for years. Why haven’t the people on Wall Street been jailed for their crimes? The powerful can only control the people who stay silent and accept the status quo.

I will not be quiet. I will not hate another human. I will not follow blindly. We do have a voice and, we have a chance to tell the powerful Cabal that we will not be silent anymore.

                                   VOTE Like Your Life Depended On It

                                                              It Does!

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