Sunday, February 28, 2016

Stinking Thinking


Now that’s one hell of a name for a sermon and, my post. I’ve always felt that thoughts can become tangible and not only have an effect on our emotions, but on the people close to us. My father and the other spirits that visit me, keep telling me that we, meaning the human race, can deflect the evil in the world with positive thoughts. Can this be true? Think about it. I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying, “What you think of, thinks of you.”
I absolutely believe this to be true because we are souls, spiritual beings, residing in a temporary vessel. As spiritual beings, we have power. We forget, while residing in our human bodies that we are connected to the universe and to GOD and that means; “If God is with me, who can be against me.”
The Pastor at the church my daughter attends was talking about discouragement and depression. What are the things that discourage us? It could be many things such as fatigue, disappointment in our jobs, money problems, and relationship problems...the list is long and when we don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, we get discouraged. Some things we can’t change because we need that lousy job to pay the bills, or we work long hours and still can’t make ends meet or we’re unhappy with our spouses or children. When we sink into the dark pit of despair...our thoughts turn dark.

When only dark thoughts radiate from us, they can become tangible. Darkness attracts darkness. We’re miserable and our mood is making everyone else miserable...the darkness spreading into our daily lives... work life....bedroom. That stinking thinking is like leprosy...attaching onto everything and everyone we care about. We call out to GOD for help. Does HE come to the rescue all the time? No! But, he gives you the strength to go on.
You're probably wondering how we can use the power of our minds. We can send out thoughts of light instead of darkness. Sure, your job sucks, but it is keeping food on the table and a roof over your head. If people sense you to be a creature of joy they move to you and not away. Positive thoughts can stretch into the universal love and pull back healing energy. Remember, “If GOD is with me, who can be against me.”
I was at a meeting recently and the discussion centered on the evil few who are trying to enslave humanity by dehumanizing us, turning us against each other and destroying the world we live in. I’ll call them the Cabal. How do we fight against such powerful people? Don’t get discouraged. We are Spiritual Beings, first and foremost, and we have power. We need to wake up and break free of the Matrix. We need to speak out and, if need be, scream!

We need to speak for all souls; male, female, child, elder, all races, all religions, all countries. We need to tell our leaders that we will no longer hate because they say so. We will not listen to them, especially, if they use GOD as a bargaining chip. GOD was never about religion or politics. HE doesn’t belong to us; we belong to him. Stop using him to bully others.
I am sending out powerful and happy thoughts to the world. I am sending out thoughts of clean air, clean water, clean and healthy oceans, food that is not bio engineered, equality for all people male and female, freedom of the press, equal pay, affordable housing and health care, free education for all, respect for teachers, parents, law officials, and poor people (when did it become a crime to be poor?)

I am sending out powerful and happy thoughts that our politicians will stop selling this country to the highest bidder, that our politicians put people’s rights before corporations’ greed, that corporations who move jobs overseas to escape paying their fair share of taxes are charged with treason......oops!...just lost my happy thoughts. But you get the gist. Get rid of your stinking thinking.

Think Positive Thoughts And Save the World


  1. Great pictures here, Marie with your commentary. Positive thoughts are a win/win situation, although they can be difficult to maintain for the reasons you give here in your post. I believe we are spiritual beings first, also. More power to you, my dear. Thanks for this post. All the best!

    1. Victoria, you are proof that we are spiritual beings. You are my angel. Thank you for your friendship

  2. Thank you for your positive thoughts and energy, Marie! Lord knows the world needs it.

    1. Thank you Jessica. I feel we are being bombarded by anger and I am tired of it.