Thursday, February 18, 2016

Follow the Cards


I use Angel Cards & Mother Mary Cards do give inspirational psychic readings. I’ve decided to share the messages of a few of the cards that I pull with my readers. The messages are concise and help us look within to search out the faults in ourselves before we attempt to help others change.

Clear Yourself
Ask the Angels to release any toxic energy that you may have absorbed. This message is important because we live in a global community and in our daily lives we come into contact with people who tend to be very negative. They could be family, friends, coworkers or strangers. These negative people, or emotional vampires, enjoy sucking the life out of happy people. Whenever I encounter one of these vampires, I quickly ask GOD for protection then, and this is very important, I pray for the vampire. Always send out good vibes and energy because what you send out...returns with a revenge.
It’s essential that we also look within ourselves to make sure that we are not feeding the toxic energy. Are you the type of person that starts a conversation with a list of your woes? When other people are excited about a project or event in their lives, do you make unkind remarks? Does your envy ooze from you like a wave of toxic vapers; bringing down everyone else? If this is the case then.....

Work with GOD and the angels to let go of your anger, your pettiness, your envy and concentrate on all the good things that you do have in your life. LET IT GO!
Enjoy what you’ve accomplished in life. We can’t all be skinny, beautiful, rich and famous. What we can be is the best of our capabilities. We might be good at listening, comforting, encouraging, protecting and loving. Let’s make these traits something to strive for. Let’s be the best human we can be and, we do this by......

Cancel, Clear, Delete
Use only positive words and thoughts, as they are capable of manifesting into form. Ask GOD and the angels to cancel the effects of past negative thinking. Our thoughts, be they from the Universal Light or the dark side, do take form...they can become tangible if the love, or hate inside you, is strong enough.
Remember that we are spiritual beings residing in a temporary vessel. We need to be conscious of the fact that we can draw on the power of the universe to bring forth great things for humanity...but we cannot accomplish this if we carry baggage. We need to cancel out the hate....clear away the cobwebs of resentment....delete toxic feelings for others.

It is hard to hate someone you pray for. Love conquers all hate. Heavenly light conquers all darkness. Start each day with a prayer to GOD to help you bring light into the world with your words and actions...then ask GOD to shine his light on your enemies, then LET IT GO!
Remember what you send out, returns with a revenge. I want only peace, joy, and love coming back to me. Don’t you want the same for you?

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